​​​​​AferBio contém nutrientes que exercem efeitos positivos no sistema imune e digestório

desde  2002

Millions invested in P&D

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Clinical Nutrition Market

​​​​​AferBio contains nutrients that exert
  positive in the immune and digestive system

Objectives: to develop the commercial area and be a reference in oncological nutrition.

15 years in the market


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For information, please contact us by e-mail: contato@aferbio.com.br or by telephone 55 + 19. 9.9779.6725

This information is educational and does not take the place of your trusted physician or nutritionist.
The Ministry of Health warns: "There is no proven scientific evidence that this food prevents, treats or cures diseases."

Research: in vitro, in vivo and clinical

                                                         INVESTMENT  OPPORTUNITY

Dear investor or entrepreneur, Aferbio Bioalimentos Ltda, founded in 2002, invites you to be part of this important project that aims at improving the quality of life and possibility of increased survival in people with cancer. The plan of action for the implementation of this project, already underway, involves the dissemination of AferBio to oncologists, nutrologists, hematologists and nutritionists. Participation in medical congresses and conducting further clinical research are also essential to the success of the project.

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Product ready, with medical